Communion and Liberation

Communion and Liberation – CL in short - is an ecclesial movement born in Milan in the 1950s. Today the Movement has spread to ninety countries.

Communion and Liberation, in its essence, is a proposal for education in the Catholic faith. It is an education that doesn’t end at a certain age, but lasts a lifetime because it is always being renewed and deepened. The same is true of the Gospel, which reveals new discoveries even after we’ve heard it a thousand times. The same is true in the experience of love, of artistic creativity, and even in the simplicity of everyday life. The search for what is true, beautiful, and good, and for happiness is never-ending. This is Christianity: the adventure of life, not a kind of training for life.

Life in CL is marked by simplicity and freedom. Communities, whether large or small, are spontaneously formed in the places people live their daily life (at school, at work, in their neighborhood), and they gather for meetings and to share in the moments and gestures of everyday life. No official membership cards or formal registration is necessary. Anyone is welcome to join in the many proposals inviting them to a personal and communitarian deepening of the faith.

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