Mandarin Youth Ministry

Mandarin Youth Ministry of Holy Family Church Kajang



正如圣经中,路12:32 “你们小小的羊群,不要害怕!因为你们的父喜欢把天国赐给你们。”提醒公教青年慈爱的天父一直眷顾着、爱护着每一个祂的孩子,公教青年应当尽所能地去侍奉和回应以效法基督。因此,公青团肩负着牧羊者的责任。引领13至21岁的青少年在教会和生活中找寻自己和信仰的使命。


Mandarin Youth Ministry of Holy Family Kajang was established in 1997 by a group of youth and parents. 

As Jesus said in Luke 12:32, “There is no need to be afraid, little flock, for it has pleased your Father to give you the kingdom”, it reminds the Catholic youth that the heavenly Father always takes care and loves His every children, while the Catholic youth should serve as best as possible and respond to imitate Christ. The main role of the Youth Ministry is to be a shepherd, leading the growth of Catholic youth between 13 to 21 years old in their life and faith.


  1. 引导青年们在耶稣内身心灵的成长
  2. 发觉青年们的潜能,提升合作精神
  3. 培养青年对教会的贡献及使命感


  1. To guide the youth to grow in life and faith in Jesus 
  2. To help the youth discover their potential and enhance their spirit of cooperation
  3. To cultivate the contribution of the youth in the Church and their sense of mission



The Youth Ministry does the best to organize activities and events yearly for the Catholic youths. Besides fulfilling the objectives, this could also enhance the bonds between the youths and the sense of belonging to the Church.

每年的常例活动如下Annual activities:

  • 聚会 Gathering
  • 常年大会 Annual meeting
  • 生活营 Camp activity
  • 培训营/学习营 Workshop/Training camp
  • 节日/食物义卖 Charity sale
  • 报佳音活动Caroling

团章介绍 Logo

白色图案 White patterns:
Represents The Holy Family (St.Joseph, Mother Mary and Baby Jesus)

麦子 Wheat:
As a symbol of Catholic youth growing in the presence of the Holy Family’s love

十字架 Cross:
Symbolises the sense of mission and reminds the Catholic youth to bear the cross with Christ.

酒红色 Red Wine color:
Symbolises the blood of Christ. Reminds the Catholic youth that Jesus bled for the sinners, we should always remember His sacrifice for love.

联络方式 Contact :

羽毛球公青聚会 Badminton Gathering

公青聚会 Gathering

【聚·羁】生活营 Camp

《喜·遇 2020》多堂区青年交流会 Youth Gathering of Multiple Church

2020圣诞节线上活动? 2020 Online Christmas Gathering

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