Missionary Year Epiphany Star

The launching of the Missionary Year 2019 coincided with the Feast of the Epiphany – Jan 6, 2019. It ends on Dec 31, 2019. In between, October 2019 is the Extraordinary Missionary Month.

Explanation and Rationale of the Star

Each parishioner is to take one Star home after the launch of the Year of Mission.  The four points highlight Pope Francis’ four dimensions to be undertaken for the year (clockwise).

  • Encounter with Jesus (Blue)
  • Testimony of Mission (Red)
  • Missionary Formation (Yellow)
  • Missionary Charity (Green)

On the reverse side, the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Star of New Evangelisation is at the top point instead of the crucifix. The logo is at the centre and the same colour codes are at the other four points. 

Each parishioner is to write on the back of the Star what he/she intends to do personally for the year to come on the blank spaces provided in reference to the four dimensions that Pope Francis indicated. 

Each parishioner is to string and hang the Star at his/her door post like a door chime.

Every time the parishioner sees the Star, he/ she is reminded to strive to realise what he/she has selected to do throughout the Missionary Year 2019. 

Next Christmas, each parishioner is to bring back their Star and place it back at the manger, to signify that he/she has been a bright Star bringing someone to accept Jesus as his/her Saviour (by Dec 31, 2019). 

Examples of Activites in Reference to the Four Dimensions

Several activities that will take place in the Church of the Holy Family Kajang where parishioner can participate in relation to the said four dimensions. The below examples serves as a guide should you require specific examples:

Encounter with Jesus
  • Meet Jesus in the BIBLE/Scripture
  • Meet Jesus through PRAYER
  • Meet Jesus in the EUCHARIST
  • Visit Jesus in ADORATION
  • Encouraged Children to offer each day to Jesus
Testimony of Mission
  • Go for PILGRIMAGE, e.g.
    • St. Theresa Church, Nilai
  • Share or Read the story of a SAINT, e.g.
    • St. Francis Xavier
    • St. Francis of Assisi
    • Mother Teresa
Missionary Formation
  • To participate in DAY OF PRAYER
  • To attend upcoming SEMINARS or TALKS
  • To attend ALPHA Course
Missionary Charity
  • Serving at a HOMELESS SHELTER
  • Caring for a SICK FAMILY MEMBER

Adapted from : “KL Archdiocese’s Missionary Year Epiphany Star.” Herald Malaysia Online. January 2019. http://www.heraldmalaysia.com/news/kl-archdioceses-missionary-year-epiphany-star/45989/5