HFK Virtual Christmas Choir

Every year at Christmas, parishioners of the Church of the Holy Family Kajang enthusiastically raise their voices singing hymns and carols during Mass. This year, amidst the pandemic and suspension of public Masses, we are challenged to be creative in replicating this musical experience virtually. The HFK Choir took up this challenge and organised The Christmas in Our Hearts Virtual Choir project, which featured parishioners and choir members singing Daniel Kantor’s Night of Silence/Silent Night in beautiful harmony.

Preparations started in November when parishioners were invited to submit videos and audios of themselves singing Silent Night. Twenty-five entries were submitted by 6 families and 19 individuals. These videos were combined with those of 30 choir members singing Night of Silence. Entries were submitted in English, Malay and even Sign Language, showcasing the diversity of our parish.

Kantor’s Night of Silence/Silent Night medley is a beautiful twist to the well-known Christmas carol Silent Night. The song was chosen to redirect our focus on the quiet darkness and expectant hope of Advent that guides us to the dawn of Christ’s birth. This darkness also resonates with many of us as we wait in anticipation for the end of the pandemic. Singing the song as community reminds us that we are all united as one church even though we are physically apart.

As you listen to the hymn, we invite you to quiet your minds and reflect on the longing for Christ’s birth that glows within our hearts.