Our Logo

The Logo of the Church of the Holy Family, Kajang is depicted in the graphical image of Joseph, Mary and Jesus forming a close-knit family.

The image of the Holy Family is given as holding each other closely. This indicates that neither one of them may be removed from the logo, doing so may render the Holy Family incomplete. Thus, the three persons of the Holy Family indicate these to us – Mary and Joseph being the two persons that God called to receive the Word of Life, Jesus in their midst. The story of the Holy Family also goes beyond the infancy of Jesus to see him later go down to Nazareth and live under the authority of Mary and Joseph, thus growing in wisdom and maturity.

Their position of holding each other closely forms the shape of heart expressing the warmth of family love.

Nevertheless, the gospels indicate that the Holy Family experienced struggles in many ways beginning from the initial moments of God’s invitation to Mary and Joseph to share in the plan of salvation. These struggles are but the shadow of the cross, cast on to them. These are depicted in the cross and nails above the image of the Holy Family

Thus, the life of the Holy Family steers between the checkered lines of struggles and the desire to do God’s will. Hence, the golden lines within the images of Jesus, Mary and Joseph show the many virtues that arise from their desire to live as a family of love.

This logo expresses the desire and commitment of the parish of the Holy Family Kajang, in striving to live as a family that is diverse and yet desiring to being inclusive of each other, journeying between struggles and persevering in virtue following the image of the Holy Family of Nazareth.

The logo deliberately leaves out the fine details of facial recognition, thus inviting each of the sons and daughters of the parish to place themselves inside the image with the Holy Family