Catechetical Ministry

This is the call of the Catechetical Ministry of the Church of Holy Family, Kajang. According to Canon Law, "the Christian faithful, since they are called by baptism to lead a life in conformity with the teaching of the gospel, have the right to a Christian education by which they will be properly instructed so as to develop the maturity of a human person and at the same time come to know and live the mystery of salvation" (CCL, 217).

The Catechetical Ministry of this parish includes the Chapels of St. Anne, Semenyih and consists of children ranging from ages 5 to 17  with a total number of 1050 students from all four language groups – English, Mandarin, Tamil and Bahasa – to accommodate the different language-speaking communities in the parish.

The Ministry is designed and formulated to teach and pass on the teaching of the Catholic faith according to the vision and mission of the Church to the children in the Parish. It fosters a spirit of community and active participation in the life and mission of the Church and affirms the Catholic identity, while fostering the longing for unity. Catechism classes are conducted every Sunday before and after Mass for the language groups. 

During the classes, the children have their Catechism Calendar filled with lessons (guided by the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Malaysian Catechetical Series), workshops, camps and fun-filled activities. Children are also encouraged to participate in the Liturgy, Choir and the BEC. 

Although we have a minimum of two teachers per class to accommodate the individual needs of the children, the doors of the ministry are always open to parishioners who feel the urge or calling to serve the Lord in this ministry.

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